LOC: The Study Guide


We can’t believe it’s May and the 2015 camping season will be here before we know it!  We put together a list of camp lingo so that new camp families will feel “in the know.” Study hard!


Lake Owego Camp is full of tradition, rituals and special names.  Each one is so meaningful to both the campers and staff. 


Camp Colors: Blue and White


Camp Motto:  “Leave your Image at the Gate.”

When entering through the gates of Owego, we want every camper to know that camp is a special place where you can be your true self.



We call it “SFA” (you can say it as a word- put the “SF” together and then add an “AH”) 

Every night after dinner and on Thursday mornings, this special time is for campers to play freely. With counselors supervising, children get to choose from various activities such as basketball, followed by some tennis, and then head to the lake to go fishing.  Whatever they’re in the mood for that day!


Olympics and Frontier Week

Two big all-camp events. Olympics is in the first session and Frontier Week is in the second session. The camp is split into six teams, different countries for Olympics and different native American Indian tribes for Frontier week. The two events start with an exciting, surprise “breakout.” 


The Village

The location of the Junior and Intermediate bunks, grades 2nd-6th. All bunks are named after pioneers.


The Ridge

The location of the Senior and Hi-Senior bunks and tents, grades 7th-11th. All bunks are named after Native American Indian Tribes.

Many of camp’s fields, courts and venues are named after camp’s founding family as well as many old-timers.


Hughie Black Center”

The indoor basketball court, weight room and fencing room. Named after Hughie and Selma Black, the founders of the camp.


Robinson’s Pool”

 Named after our long-time head of pool and the original Papa Polar Bear.


Shelly’s Cookout”

 Location of our Thursday BBQ lunches and our end of Olympics Steak dinner. Named after Shelly Silver, long-time director of camp.


“Kyle’s Gathering”

A special area in camp for campers and counselors to relax, reflect and hang out. Named after current co-director Kyle Silver.


Jacoby Field”

This is our upper field at camp where we play soccer, football, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, and many other special events at camp. Named after long-time director Tom Jacoby. Tom’s daughter, Melissa, currently works at Owego.


South Courts”

One of our two sets of basketball courts. Named after Bill Southward, current Junior Head Counselor.


Scotty’s Stage”

Camp’s covered stage where we gather to watch camp’s incredible shows.  Also used for rainy day activities and various other indoor camp activities.  Named after Scotty Myers, current head of Creative Arts.


Hopefully this list will help you feel even more a part of our camp family as we count down to welcoming you this summer. See you in Greeley!

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