From The Top 2015, 1st edition


From The Top: Reunion Edition, 11-16-2014

by Ben Eisler and Levi Dayan


Weather: We can guarantee you that there will be weather today.

Meals: Pancakes for breakfast, Chicken Patties for lunch, Chicken for dinner

Owego Quote of the Day: “This year, let’s win honor bunk every year.” – Ethan Innes (shortly before the reunion)

Meme of the Day:

meme 1

Owego Fact of the Day: Only 223 Days (and counting) until we’re back home!


Shoutouts: The Funplex, the Clayman family, Olympics and Frontier Week teams 2014, Steve Troup, Bill South, Kyle Silver, S-H-E-L-L-Y  Silver, Waszczak Family, Phil, Gordo, Dave, and Ritchie, Hoedown 2014, Muppet Baby, Chipwiches, Nurses 2014, Tents 2014, CTT, Costa’s Family Fun Park, Boone ‘09, Simon Schiller for suggesting that we do From The Top, Melissa, Cherokee and Chippewa 2014, the reunion, and most importantly…. TENTS 2K15!!!

Before we know it, we will all be back home in Greeley, PA. Get ready for Summer 2015, it’s going to be great!


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