From the Top, July 26th 2016


From-The-Top Newspaper- Tents ‘16 Edition 1
Editors- Zach Forman and Caleb Troll 
Weather: 70-88º and sunny in Greeley
Breakfast: Eggs, Potatoes, Bagels
Lunch: Chicken and Steak sandwiches
Dinner: Mystery…

Joke of the Day: Three blondes walk into a building. You’d think one of them would’ve seen it….#NothingBox
Meme of the day:

Shoutouts- Top and Reisboard, Troup, Where’s Larry?, Mini Troup, Tents ‘15, The return of Squeeze…, Timber Tops, 10 for 22, Tents ‘12, Intercamps, Shohola, PFC, NJY, Tent 2, Tent 3, Tigua, Mexico Danny Melnick, Shelly, Levi and Josh, Ronald, Maui, Zika, Kyle Silver, Freedo, Johnny, Wibit, When there were Pike County shirts, OUR CAMP LIVES ON WITH YOU, Agnus-itis, Honey Packets, Arnold Palmer, Friday Night Campfires, Canada, Bombardment, Fox and Hounds, Water Balloons?, Ethan Patane, Hand Sanitizer, Rat Ceremony, 1st day of Camp, Costa’s Family Fun Park, Waiter’s up, Stud of the Week, Mickey Black, Ultimate Frisbee, Rainy Dayz, Danny Altchuler, Trumpet Case, Donny or Hillary, LOC, TENTS 2016, Amanda, Melissa Jacoby Nathan, and all of you! Let’s make this the best summer EVER!!!

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