From The Top 2015, New Years Edition


From The Top: New Years Edition

By Ben Eisler and Levi Dayan

Weather: Cold (Longs and Longs)

Meals: Whatever we’re eating, we’ll be thinking of Fourth of July donuts and Frontier Week meals.

Owego Quote of the Day: “I saw thunder”-Ben Eisler

Song of the Day: In a new feature of From The Top, we’ll talk about songs that are important to camp. Our first song is “Free Life” by Dan Wilson, which was a winning Frontier song for Puma in 2008. The song’s lyrics were written during one afternoon. The song is often considered one of the best Frontier songs, yet only won because of a judging decision made by Andy Hagon. To quote Adam Roseman, “we all have that one Dan Wilson song on our iPods.”

Meme of the Day:

Owego Fact of the Day: This will be L.O.C.’s 55th Summer.

Shoutouts: Tents 2k15, 6/27/15, Chipwiches, Bernie, New Years Day, MarvTed Hall, Olympics, Frontier Week, Tents 2014, Tents 2013, Tents 2012, Tom Jacoby, Greenies, New Years Traditions, Sno Cove, Graham The Sportsman, Bunk Glenn ‘10, Jordan Southwell, 6th Period Lake, Camp Traditions, CTT, BDR, Cherokee ‘14, Alumni, LOC and CTT families, Montreal, and lastly, Jonah Reisboard, Ryan Gartman and Sam Tucker (Mazel Tov!!!)

Before we know it, we will all be back home in Greeley, PA. Get ready for Summer 2015, it’s going to be great!


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