Dear 10 Year Porch by Kyle Silver



Kyle wrote this letter to future 10 year campers, who’s names will one day be engraved onto our new 10 Year Porch. He shared this letter during our Old Timer’s Ceremony that turned into Frontier Week Breakout. He then shared it at our, 1st ever, 10 Year Porch Ceremony. Following the reading of the letter, we showed a slideshow of photos from the past 10-ish years that define being an Owegan. You can view the slideshow on

Dear Ten Year Porch
My name is not yet lucky enough to be up there next to the Owego legends of the past. However, my future will look something like this. I will start in Boone, and after four years in Pioneer Village, playing Canjam, Nock-Hockey, Fox and Hounds, and Air Raid, I will then make my move up to the Ridge. Three more years of living in a bunk, some easier than others, will lead to me being up on this stage telling my Old-Timers story. I will then return for my tent summer, leading Friday Night chants, Tent Time, going on the Grand Owegan, 100 Miler, and Jetboating in Montreal. I will cheer for my tent brothers during Olympics and Frontier Week, secretly or not so secretly wanting my name on the plaque. I will then come back for my 11th grade summer, go to Costa Rica, and begin my transition to following the path of many ex-campers of years past to becoming a counselor. Then, after a summer of being a counselor, my name will be cemented in Lake Owego history. I realize that my road to getting on the porch won’t be easy. Sure, most days will be filled with sun, rec swim, and chilling in a hammock, but I also realize that my friendships will be challenged, however, I am ready for that challenge.

I am also well aware, that my journey might be more similar to Bill Robinson, Tom Jacoby, Shelly Silver, Bill South, Scotty Myers, Andy Ruddick Phil Smith, and Dave Hannah, where I never spend a day as a camper here but, dedicate my summers to working at Owego.
Whatever my path is to the ten year porch, I know I will need help. Whether it’s a shoulder to lean and cry on, a hand to help me up when I fall, forgiveness for making a mistake, like throwing a rock at a toilet bowl and smashing it, in the shower house, and guidance when I am feeling homesick, please be there for me. In return, I promise to uphold the traditions of Owego, stay true to the Blue and White, and never, ever, I mean, never, ever, let this place change.

Finally, and most importantly, I will always look after the new camper. I will help to pass down the lessons I learned, and make sure they realize how special this camp is. In order to do this, I will make sure to stand a bit closer to them at a campfire, and just the mere proximity to me, they will feel the energy and passion I have for this place.
Future 10 year camper

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