Freedo’s Fun Moments; Week 1 2015


Freedo’s Fun Moments of Week I

We had a fantastic start to camp.  Not even the rain could dampen (no pun intended) the spirit and energy of the campers and staff.  Top Moments of Week I:

 The Staff show and the great performances.  I particularly enjoyed getting egg on my face, losing the Director’s Egg Challenge.

 The July 4th festivities were awesome!   The day started with the dining hall being adorned with American flags and banners topped off with a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, fresh strawberries and blueberries, Krispy Cream donuts and cinnamon buns…how much more American can you get.  In the morning campers played international games such as rugby, field hockey and cricket.  In the afternoon, the international staff played the USA staff in the annual soccer and softball games.  The internationals won soccer in penalty kicks and the USA for the 54th straight year won the softball game. July 4th culminated with a Fireworks extravaganza at Camp Timber Tops.

 The cheering and energy in the mess hall was off the charts.

 The summer 2015 is INCREDIBLE!  Camp has an amazing vibe. Looking forward to what Week II will bring!!!  Happy Camping.

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