The Grand Owegan by Two Nice Jewish Boys

Grand Owegan 2014

Ever since we first came to camp, we’ve heard about the Grand Owegan.  Two shower-less nights and three sweaty (and dirty) days of canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, and chilling.  We started our journey with a forty minute bus ride to New Jersey where we started our eleven mile, four hour canoe trip.  We may or may not have struggled a bit… We set up camp in Worthington State Forest. Here, we played cards, soccer, and complained about already being dirty and sunburned.  We then ate a chicken dinner with LOTS of hot/ barbeque sauce.  As we sat around a raging campfire eating s’mores, a thunderstorm graced us with its presence.  Oy.  We all sprinted back into our tents to find out the majority of them kept us moderately dry…

The next morning we woke up at five in the morning to do Polar Bears in the Delaware River.  Most went back to bed, while others stayed up for hours playing intense card games.  For breakfast, we had handfuls of “Tastee-o’s” and “Raisin Bran”.  A couple hours later, we headed out to do some rock climbing at a nearby mountain after a quick lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches.  The climb was very tough and only a few out of our group managed to complete the climb, but everyone gave it their all.  The view from on top of the mountain, however, was INCREDIBLE.  We could see out across the forest for miles. We then returned to the campsite for a dinner of mac and cheese. We then proceeded to get to bed early to get ready for a hike up a mountain at three the next morning.

As we woke up to the counselors shaking our tents, we got up slowly and got ready in a sleepy trance.  As we went to fill up our bottles, we soon realized the park had shut off their water supply until 5am. Oy (again).  After a strenuous, but fun five mile, ninety minute hike, we arrived at our destination 1200 feet above where we started: Sunfish Pond at 5 am.  We were able to complete Polar Bears in the pond just as the sun was creeping up over the trees.  We devoured a scrambled egg breakfast and rationed out the water we had before heading back down the mountain.  The rest of the morning was spent playing cards, throwing Frisbees, and taking cat naps before getting picked up.  It was truly a memorable and rewarding experience. Would we do it again? Probably.


– Lenny Miller and Ace Ellsweig

Lenny and Ace are 2 of our oldest campers. They are going into 10th grade and started at Lake Owego when they were going into 5th grade. Lenny is from the Philadelphia Area and Ace is from North Carolina.

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