New Camper Weekend Re-Cap: Best.Day.Ever!

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day this past Saturday. Blue skies, the greenest trees and a shimmering lake were the backdrop to an incredibly fun time. We gathered the best of the best staff to welcome our New Campers and their families to Lake Owego, and start them on a journey that will become one of the most important phases of their lives.
We started off with a yummy lunch and a welcome gathering with Kyle, Freedo and Johnny. Bill, Mike S, Micah, Harry, LJ, Jed, Dylan, Jordan, Adam and Simon got the campers together for a round of ice-breaker introductions, then everyone took off to enjoy adventure, sports, lake activities and more throughout the afternoon. After dinner we went right into Wacky Races followed by a traditional LOC campfire and s’mores. A chilly, star-filled Pocono night lulled everyone to sleep in the completely full cabins.
Now the REAL fun begins! Bring on Summer 2017!

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