Dear 10 Year Porch by Kyle Silver



Kyle wrote this letter to future 10 year campers, who’s names will one day be engraved onto our new 10 Year Porch. He shared this letter during our Old Timer’s Ceremony that turned into Frontier Week Breakout. He then shared it at our, 1st ever, 10 Year Porch Ceremony. Following the reading of the letter, we showed a slideshow of photos from the past 10-ish years that define being an Owegan. You can view the slideshow on

Dear Ten Year Porch
My name is not yet lucky enough to be up there next to the Owego legends of the past. However, my future will look something like this. I will start in Boone, and after four years in Pioneer Village, playing Canjam, Nock-Hockey, Fox and Hounds, and Air Raid, I will then make my move up to the Ridge. Three more years of living in a bunk, some easier than others, will lead to me being up on this stage telling my Old-Timers story. I will then return for my tent summer, leading Friday Night chants, Tent Time, going on the Grand Owegan, 100 Miler, and Jetboating in Montreal. I will cheer for my tent brothers during Olympics and Frontier Week, secretly or not so secretly wanting my name on the plaque. I will then come back for my 11th grade summer, go to Costa Rica, and begin my transition to following the path of many ex-campers of years past to becoming a counselor. Then, after a summer of being a counselor, my name will be cemented in Lake Owego history. I realize that my road to getting on the porch won’t be easy. Sure, most days will be filled with sun, rec swim, and chilling in a hammock, but I also realize that my friendships will be challenged, however, I am ready for that challenge.

I am also well aware, that my journey might be more similar to Bill Robinson, Tom Jacoby, Shelly Silver, Bill South, Scotty Myers, Andy Ruddick Phil Smith, and Dave Hannah, where I never spend a day as a camper here but, dedicate my summers to working at Owego.
Whatever my path is to the ten year porch, I know I will need help. Whether it’s a shoulder to lean and cry on, a hand to help me up when I fall, forgiveness for making a mistake, like throwing a rock at a toilet bowl and smashing it, in the shower house, and guidance when I am feeling homesick, please be there for me. In return, I promise to uphold the traditions of Owego, stay true to the Blue and White, and never, ever, I mean, never, ever, let this place change.

Finally, and most importantly, I will always look after the new camper. I will help to pass down the lessons I learned, and make sure they realize how special this camp is. In order to do this, I will make sure to stand a bit closer to them at a campfire, and just the mere proximity to me, they will feel the energy and passion I have for this place.
Future 10 year camper

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The Grand Owegan!

Three Days of incredible adventure for our Tents. They have waited their whole LOC lives to embark on this trip that includes canoeing, camping, climbing and hiking. They were once three separate bunks and now they combine and bond into one, on this unique journey…”Only at Owego” Enjoy these photos as they launch off! Have fun boys, ahem…MEN!

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Owego LOVES Tennis!

We Cleaned up the the Pine Forest Tennis Tournament yesterday!

Taking the Championship wins were Jonah Berger in 12U Singles and Ben Kotzen in 14U Singles! Benedict Tessler and Ryan Horowitz in 12U Doubles!

Runners Up included Oliver Carotenuto and Nicholas Levin in 10U Doubles! Hunter Smolowitz and Crosby Johnson in 12U Doubles (way to go Owego in 1 & 2 spots!)! Rom Fradkin and Ryan Boswell in 14U doubles! Jose Garriga and Max Lederer in 16U Doubles!

Seriously amazing job by all players in the craaaaazy heat! WAY TO GO OWEGO!!!

Thaaaaaat’s sports!

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Amaaaazing Dayz!

HELLO! on a beautiful summer day at Owego.

Yesterday was packed with fun! We competed in our 1st inter-camp sports against NJY in
U15 basketball, soccer and ultimate frisbee, and our U13s in basketball and soccer.
Bunk Chippewa headed out on a canoe trip on the Delaware river and Bunk Clark had their overnight- we LOVE overnights!
Lake Wallenpaupack was the spot for our 1st ever Creative Arts Trip with Kurt. They drew the beautiful scenery of the lake, boats and mountains. Top Cooks headed out to Henning’s restaurant for lunch and a lesson in the workings of a real restaurant kitchen.
Freedo took some of our Juniors to Promised Land Park for a Mountain Bike trip. Every weekday we take 2 trips out to Lake Wally for Waterskiing,Tubing and Wake Boarding. Whew! that’s all in one day!

Today we said farewell to our 11th graders as they head to Costa Rica Trip for our leadership program. They will explore and enjoy for a few days and run a camp for children while they are there. Photos will be posted on our website.
More inter-camp sports today with our U11 soccer and basketball teams and the whole camp is headed to Costa’s Family Fun Park!!! Woohoo!!!

Tonight we will enjoy our 1st campfires and the Tents 2018 will reveal their Tent chant for the 1st time!!!!

We are loving every second!!!

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Here We Go!

Good morning from Lake Owego! We have had an incredible first couple of days at camp!

We jumped right in with full days of regular activities. A little rain on opening day and the evening of the 2nd day did not slow us down one bit.

The Juniors start their day with choosing their 1st and 2nd period activities and then join their bunk for a group lesson. In the afternoon the Juniors have one choice, one assigned bunk activity and then onto rec swim. Seniors, Hi-Seniors and Tents all choose their daily schedule at the beginning of each week. The athletic fields, courts, pool, adventure course, mountain biking pump track, lake, courts, fields, camp craft and creative arts were abuzz with activity right from the start. It was like we have been here forever.
The Pool was packed for rec swim. Music pumping and tons of Happy Campers!
Evening activities are always the favorite part of the day. The first night was an unforgettable Counselor Show, the 2nd night the Juniors did a rotation of fun/wacky games in the HBC and Seniors/Hi-Seniors did a bunk vs. bunk trivia pursuit contest. Tonight was the BEST! Fox and Hound for Juniors and Bombardment for Seniors.

We are off to an amazing summer 2018!

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What TO DO and What NOT TO DO Before Camp!

It’s incredibly natural to go into apocalyptic mode this month.

You know what we’re talking about:

What do you want your last meal to be?
Do you want to see a final movie tonight or just relax and hug?
When would you like to take Rover for a final walk?
How about Grandma and Grandpa? Let’s give them one final call!
Give your sister one huge final good kiss goodnight! You won’t again till August!

We know you’re well-meaning, but we have some advice for what it’s worth: Stop. STOP! You’re freaking them out! Let’s all try to remain normal and happy and calm. Be cool! Let’s enjoy final pre-camp moments but not belabor them. Let’s focus not on what your kids are missing at home but what they’re about to embark upon at camp. In our experience, end-of-world conversations and conversations focusing on home breed anxiety for a number of reasons. Here are a few of those reasons, and here’s what your kids may be thinking: I don’t know what I want my last meal to be! Oh my gosh, but what if I pick the wrong one and I want mom’s mac & cheese tomorrow and I can’t have it! How can I live with that regret! I hadn’t thought about seeing a movie or walking Rover, and I’d sort of forgotten that I wasn’t kissing my little sister goodnight all summer. AH! That’s scary! Am I SURE I want to give all of this up?

Of course the answer is a resounding “YES!” The gifts of camp are immeasurable and what they’ll be experiencing in a few days is life-changing. So let’s not focus on a final tuck-in or that one last hug. Keep your kids happy and focused on moving forward towards camp. Will you treasure those final moments? YES! Should you talk about them with your kids? Probably not. We’ll say it again: play it cool.

Smile, keep calm, talk about the great adventure they’re about to have. “Goodnight, Honey. I love you, and I’m so excited for you” always works. It’ll make it easier for your kids to get on the bus, and it’ll give them the courage to get off that bus once they’ve arrived in Greeley, PA. We’ll take it from there!

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New Camper Weekend 2018!

This weekend!  It’s finally here! New Camper Weekend 2018!

Did you know that each June we invite all new campers and their families to spend the whole weekend at camp a few short weeks before opening day? It’s a unique opportunity for campers and their families to connect with staff, meet future bunk mates and really start to feel at home in Greeley, PA. We don’t know any other camp that opens its doors the way we do, and we’re proud of it!

Attending New Camper Weekend? Here’s what you need to know:
Please arrive at camp between 11:30 AM and 12:45 PM on Saturday, June 2nd to experience your first camp lunch!  Introductions begin around 1:00 PM.  As a reminder, nights in the mountains can be quite chilly, so bring warm and comfortable clothing for the campfire and warm PJs, too! Don’t forget warm bedding or sleeping bags, and remember toiletries and towels as well. There will be free time to explore, so if you’d like to play, boat or swim as a family, bring tennis racquets, softball gloves, and bathing suits.

Follow us on social media (@lakeowegocamp) for live updates and photos from what will surely be a weekend of lifelong memories in the making!


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Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos: Oh my!

A Note from the Health Center to our Camp Parents:

We’d like to take a moment to share our plan of action for an increased risk associated with tick, flea and mosquito bites throughout the United States. Camp has been taking steps to minimize exposure for our campers and prevent the spread of disease. In addition to the measures outlined below, camp regularly consults with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations to update our protocols.


  • Outside lawn chemical professionals have been hired to treat all fields and field perimeters with flea and tick control as well as areas around bunks, buildings, and activity areas with flea and tick control.
  • All trails and paths at camp are treated with flea and tick control.
  • An outside professional pest control company has been contracted to regularly treat for rodents, etc.
  • Grass is cut frequently and brush is trimmed back in regularly trafficked areas.
  • Application of CDC approved bug spray throughout the day as needed for activities in wooded areas. There are also bug spray stations throughout camp.

Education and Practice

  • All counselors have training sessions on ticks and the counselor’s roles in health care, including
    • Hygiene, shower hour self-check prompting, tick checks after hikes, walks in the woods, and campfires
    • Basic tick prevention, best practices, bug and bite identification
    • Camper clothing coverage, including long pants and sleeves on hikes
    • Avoiding brushy areas, high grass and leaf litter.  Walking in the center of trails.
  • Nurse education during training
    • Tick checks, identification, removal
  • Full body checks after all hikes and walks in wooded areas.
    • A note: Nurses and counselors prompt campers to self check in and around the bathing suit area.
  • Check clothing.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with questions or concerns. We will stay vigilant!

The Health Center

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Every Day is Earth Day at Camp!

Camp is many things, like making new friends, having fun at activities and learning new skills. But at its core, going to camp is a return to nature. It is a simpler life, unplugged but connected to the wonders all around us. Smell the pines! Breathe in fresh mountain air! Listen to the sound of crickets at night! Feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders. Happy Earth Day from Greeley, PA!

Here’s a short Earth Day quiz, Greeley edition!

What is the Pennsylvania state flower that can be found throughout our beautiful camp, just beginning to bud during this time of year?
Answer: The Mountain Laurel

What environmentally important site is located in Milford, Pennsylvania, one of the closest towns to camp?
Answer: Grey Towers in Milford is the original 1900 site of the Yale School of Forestry Summer Camp!

Who lived at Grey Towers, Milford and is known as the “Father of American Conservation”?
Answer: Gifford Pinchot

Every summer, campers canoe the Delaware and Lackawaxen rivers. The two rivers converge in Lackawaxen Pennsylvania, a beautiful spot very close to camp. What famous American bird do campers frequently see there, soaring high above them?
Answer: The American Bald Eagle. Lackawaxen is home to 200 bald eagles!

Camp is located in Pike County, named after Zebulon Motgomery Pike. What famous mountain did he discover and where is it located?
Answer: Pike’s Peak, Colorado

Bonus Question!
Our camp was one of the first camps in American to win the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Award. Which of these things didn’t we do to earn it?
1) Change all light bulbs to LED
2) Cover the pools with special pool covers to preserve heat and lower use of energy
3) Recycle waste
4) Change from disposable dishes to reusable dishware
5) Hang underwear from the flagpole

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Upcoming Events: Spring 2018!

Philadelphia Bowling Party!
Saturday, January 20th, 2018
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Devon Lanes
Devon, PA
New and prospective camper party!

Chelsea Piers Fun!
Sunday, January 21st, 2018
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Pier 62
New York, NY
New and prospective camper party!

Ski Day!
Saturday, February 10th, 2018
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Ski Big Bear
Lackawaxen, PA

Maryland Pool Party!
Saturday, March 10th, 2018
7:15 PM – 9:00 PM
Germantown Swim Center
Boyds, MD

New Camper Weekend!
Saturday, June 2nd – Sunday, June 3rd
at CAMP in
Greeley, PA
All new campers and their families are welcome!

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