On the Stage at Lake Owego

IMG_4822IMG_4745We’ve got sports, we’ve got climbing, canoeing, biking and camping trips but twice a summer Lake Owego Camp puts on the greatest shows ever to hit the stage! Our awesome Creative Director, Scotty Myers, re-writes the scripts and songs to well-known plays to perfectly fit our all male campers and staff. Sometimes he even combines two shows or rewrites popular songs that will update the show to make it more fun.DSC_0007

This summer’s shows were Bye Bye Greasy Owego and Charlie and the Chocolate Camp. Both set in camp and loosely based on the original plays they are derived from, Scotty works his magic to make each show special and unique to the cast. Sometimes he waits to see who wants to be in it and then rewrites parts specifically for that camper or counselor and sometimes a whole bunk. For Bye Bye Greasy Owego he had our youngest camper sing One Last Kiss and rewrote Beauty School Dropout to create Counselorhood Dropout. For Charlie and the Chocolate Camp, Charlie gets a golden invitation to come to camp. Scotty had the traditional Oompa Loompas as well as creating the Candy Brigade when the oldest campers came to him and wanted to all be in the show together.

Everyone joins in the fun. The counselors act and sing and create awesome sets and costumes. There is nothing like it anywhere. Scotty is one of a kind!

You can view highlights from this summer’s shows, as well as previous ones on www.vimeo.com/lakeowegocamp

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