What Makes LOC Unique

Since 1961, Lake Owego Camp has developed into one, if not, the most special place for many campers. In thinking about why, there a few reasons that have allowed Owego to become the place that it is.

Every summer, since the very first one, it is clear that Owego has the best counselors from all over the world. Whether they grew up at camp, learned about camp from a friend or a relative, or randomly wound up working at Owego, they are all about giving back to the campers and contributing to making it the best summer ever.

Each day at camp is filled with great energy and excitement. Sports, adventure, swimming, boating, the arts – no matter what the activity is, there is learning, but at the center of it all is fun. It’s summer time, and without fun, we would just be any other camp.

We begin every day with a line-up with the whole camp together. This gives a chance to begin the celebration of a camper’s birthday, followed by the Owego Sports Flash. We get a glimpse of the day’s weather from our world-renowned meteorologist, and the meals for the day.

On top of the daily activities, there are always trips out of camp to keep everyone excited about what’s coming next. Whether it be Intercamps, canoe trips, a trip to the Culinary Institute of America, or sailing on Lake Wallenpaupack, there is something challenging and fun for each camper.

In thinking about Owego, let’s not ignore the best time of day, evening activity. Campfires, Go Bananas, Fruit Punch, Socials, and Owegoween, the level of creativity is always present no matter what the activity. Campers are at the center of each evening activity, as they are always participating in something fun.

Lake Owego Camp thrives on one major theme, brotherhood. The healthy relationships that the campers and counselors have are definitely contagious and spread to all aspects of camp. Whether it’s the chanting in the dining hall between the youngest and oldest campers, the battles that takes place between the tents and the international staff on July 4th, the breakouts for Olympics and Frontier Week, or the closing ceremonies of these awesome events, we always come back together as one camp. The Brothers of Owego always know that the bond they have with each other is stronger than any one event.


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