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A Boys's Day At Summer Camp

7:45 - Time to wake-up. What better way to wake-up then listening to sweet and cracking voices of our unit leaders and head counselors. Who knows what today will bring, but it just might be the best day of your life!

8:15 - Line-up. Is it your birthday? If so, you will get to raise the flag! Find out what trips are going out of camp and listen to hear if your favorite baseball team won the night before. Lets go Mets!

8:30 - Breakfast- Looks like a great start to the day: French toast and a side of bunk chanting!

Boys Summer Camp Day at Camp

8:50 - Let’s get the bunk in tip-top shape so we can win honor bunk and get a visit from the Magic Prize Box! Make sure your hands are clean and your bed is made. You want that perfect 70!

9:45-12:35 - It’s time to play, explore, and most importantly have fun! Our younger campers have two bunk activities, three choices, and recreational swim. Our older campers have a completely elective program which is chosen every five days. If you are playing in an intercamp game or going on a trip, that takes places of your regular schedule.

1 pm - Lunch- It could be a BBQ outside or quesadillas with homemade salsa and guacamole. Don’t worry, don’t see anything you want, let our kitchen know and we will make sure you have something delicious to eat!

1:30 - Rest Hour! You can take a nap, write a letter home, sit out on your porch and play cards with a friend, or maybe take on your counselor at ping-pong. Wait, it’s Thursday, have your letter written home? That’s your ticket into canteen!

Boys Summer Camp Day at Camp

2:30-5:00 - Three activity periods in the afternoon. Maybe you played in an intercamp game in the morning and now you want to go climbing, it’s all up to you. Camp is about trying new activities, and having some choice in your schedule allows you to do just that.

5:00 - Shower time! Yes, we take showers at camp everyday! (Don’t worry, Mom!)

6:00 - After a line-up with your division to hear about evening activity, it’s time for dinner. Chicken and steak sandwiches and apple cobbler for dessert. Cobbler, cobbler, we love cobbler!

6:45 - SFA- Supervised Free Activity- It’s just like going out to play after dinner. Maybe you go shoot some baskets for a bit, then head down the lake to catch a fish, and finish it off with gaga. Not a bad way to spend your SFA.

7:45 - Evening Activity at Owego, possibly the best part of the day. Air-raid, Fruit Punch, a social with Timber Tops, campfire, or running radios, always something fun and camper-centered. Use up that last bit of energy before bed.

9:15 - Brush your teeth, wash-up, and get yourself in bed. Lights out, flashlight time! As your head hits the pillow, you are about 10 hours away from the start of another action-packed day at Lake Owego!