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Dates & Fees

Lake Owego staff at camp

Summer 2024

Full Session:
Saturday, June 22nd - Friday, August 9th
Half Sessions:
First Half:
Saturday, June 22nd - Tuesday, July 16th

Second Half:
Wednesday, July 17th - Friday, August 9th
Visiting Day:
Sunday, July 21st

Summer 2025

Full Session:
Saturday, June 28th - Friday, August 15th
2025 Full Summer Priority Fee: $15,900
*through December 31st, 2024
After 12/31 Fee: $16,500
Half Sessions:
First Half:
Saturday, June 28th - Tuesday, July 22nd
2025 First Session Priority Fee: $9,950
After 12/31 Fee: $10,300

Second Half:
Wednesday, July 23rd - Friday, August 15th
2025 Second Session Priority Fee: $9,200
After 12/31 Fee: $9,200
Visiting Day:
Sunday, July 27th

There is no extra charge for canteen or transportation to/from camp. Luggage service and trips for campers entering 7th grade+ are not included in camper tuition.

Payment Schedule: $2,700 Deposit/Camper

Installments of equal parts are due:
November 1st, January 1st, March 1st, May 1st (remaining balance)

All payments fully refundable through February 1, 2025

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many campers attend and for which sessions?
A. Our enrollment averages from 180 to 200 boys and is limited to maximize each camper's experience. The number is about equally divided among full session, first-half session and second-half session campers.
Q. What is the staff/child ratio? How many campers in a bunk?
A. Our staff/camper ratio is 1:3, with about 8 to 12 campers in each bunk.
Q. How old are the counselors? Where do they come from?
A. The average age is 20-21 years. We personally recruit most of our staff from colleges and universities across the country. Some counselors are selected from Scotland, England and other countries.
Q. What is the food like?
A. The food at camp is great! Home cooking that’s healthy and delicious. There is a vegetarian option for each meal. We are happy to accommodate campers and counselors with dietary needs and food allergies.
Q. How often is laundry done?
A. Laundry is picked up by our camp laundry service once a week.
Q. How often do campers participate with the sister camp, Timber Tops?
A. Coeducational activities are dependent on the age group. The juniors (3rd- through 6th-graders) may have an evening activity with Timber Tops once a week, whereas the hi-seniors (9th- through 11th-graders) have canteen with the girls three times a week as well as a weekly social. For siblings, there is a visitation every Sunday afternoon.
Q. Is there a doctor or nurse in residence?
A. Yes, both, at all times. We have three nurses who live at Owego in our fully equipped Health Center. Our camp doctor, who lives down the road one mile away at our co-ed camp, Pine Forest, makes daily rounds at Owego. The doctor and nurses stay in camp and are on call 24 hours day, seven days a week.
Q. Is there a disadvantage to attending the second session after friendships are formed?
A. We are asked that a lot and understand the concern. However, our experience is just the opposite. Because we have so many arriving for the second half (about one-third of the total enrollment), usually campers are placed in a cabin where the entire group arrives together. We have plenty of exciting events that happen during the second session, so it's as action-packed as the first. Finally, we have very, very friendly campers and counselors who welcome new campers with warmth and support.
Q. How can we get our child prepared for a summer at Lake Owego?
A. We'll help you every step of the way. A great relationship between the directors and your family is our priority. We'll send you a parent newsletter, complete with tips for a successful summer, a packing list, and much more. We're here to help, and we're always only a phone call or email away.
Q. Can we meet the directors?
A. Of course! Just call or e-mail us to let us know you're interested and we'll get back to you let you know when we'll be in your area and set up a time to meet with you. We're looking forward to it!