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Visiting All Boys Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

We have made the difficult decision not to host in-person tours at camp during Summer 2021.
Our top priority is keeping our current community whole. First and foremost, we feel that tours could compromise the "bubble" that has been created with much effort and cooperation by our entire camp family. Our parents, campers and our extraordinary staff have made great sacrifices for camp to run smoothly this summer, and it’s working! And, as much as we’d like to show off camp, our staff, and most importantly our amazing, welcoming, down-to-earth campers, we do not feel that it is in their best interest to have visitors on campus. Even if vaccinated, even if wearing masks, even at a distance, we need to preserve the bubble at all costs.

In our view, keeping camp truly limited to those within our bubble is extremely important at this time. We have asked staff not to go home or to see family or friends on off days, cancelled Visiting Day for parents and grandparents, postponed overnight trips to public areas and taken every safety precaution recommended. In our opinion, it just doesn't feel right to allow some ins and outs but others not. It is not business as usual. We want to ensure our current camp family is prioritized above all else, that they feel as though we are being fair and keeping their best interest at heart.

We're committed to having you get to know us, and we're excited to get to know you!
Instead of an in-person visit, here is what we can offer:

A virtual tour of camp!

We'll be sending it out soon!

A zoom with the directors!

A LIVE virtual tour experience from camp!

In a bunk or with real-live campers!

A visit to camp after the season or our fall open house!

A home visit from one of our directors!

A camp gathering throughout the year

We’ll keep you posted!

We can't wait to connect with you!

Email or call us at 267-639-2488