Camp is Waiting for YOU

May flowers are blooming. As are the trees, their canopy stretching over the upper road, the bright green leaves turning their faces to the sunshine after a long, cold winter. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and camp is once again alive with the sounds of summer. As the canoes come out of storage and the Pop-a-Shots are positioned beside the bunks, it becomes apparent that the only piece of the puzzle yet to fall into place is YOU.

The lake, which sat half-frozen and barren all winter long, ripples against the shore and beckons campers to grab a life vest and take a kayak for a spin. The Wibit will soon emerge from storage and inflate like a colorful beacon, signaling for eager campers to bounce gleefully across its platform. Fish will be caught, as campers stand back-to-back along the dock, their fishing poles extending into the cool water. The lakefront is waiting for YOU.

The dining hall is empty and quiet, but sunlight streams through the windows and illuminates the spots where Tents will chant, Juniors will consume large amounts of Fruit Loops, and Dave will bang a plastic pitcher against the cabinet. The kitchen will roar to life as Alfredo and his marvelous staff prepare meals for 200 or so hungry boys/teens/men. There will be B’s and D’s and enough guacamole for everyone.

Outside the dining hall, the flagpole stands at attention, looking lonely but counting down the days until campers will gather for line-up. Kyle’s daily menu report, Freedo’s multilingual greetings, and Scotty’s fascinating facts will once again kick-start the Owego day. Everyone’s favorite “Owego Sports” report will draw cheers and jeers from the crowd. It’s so close now, you can almost hear the Sportscenter opening melody: Duh-duh-DUH, Duh-duh-DUH…It’s waiting for YOU!

Fields and courts which spent the winter buried beneath the snow, will emerge green and lush and ready for action. The Upper Field promises bonfires and soccer matches, and the Silverdome proudly displays our camp’s moniker, while waiting to host hockey and Bombardment. A brand-new Danny’s Diamond will soon be unveiled, and the HBC will show off its refurbished ceiling. Can’t wait? Well, you won’t have to for much longer.

Looking forward to a dip in the crystal blue water during Rec Swim? The pool, while currently covered, will soon overflow with laughter and excitement. Whether you prefer floating idly by on an inflatable raft, playing a friendly game of pool basketball, or challenging your friends to see who can stay upright on the biggest collection of pool noodles, it’s all waiting for YOU. Faster than you can say “RRRRRREC SWIM!” the pool deck will be lined with Crocs and damp towels and the fun will commence.

With just under 40 days remaining until the first day of camp, the anticipation is palpable. You might be feeling excitement, nerves, impatience, or just pure, unadulterated joy. It’s all valid. But imagine how camp is feeling right at this very moment. A blanket of quiet hangs in the air, ready to be replaced with ringing bells and air horns and chants and cheers and shouts of laughter. The calm before the storm — the most wonderful, life-changing, fun-filled storm you could possibly have the privilege to experience.

The wait is almost over.




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