Changing the World, One Job Wheel at a Time

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It is the time of year when we are all are encouraged to do charitable deeds. We pitch in for good causes and think about others.

Thinking about others is one of the things that camp is all about. Maybe a bunkmate needs help making their bed during cleanup. Or someone is not feeling well and we check on them in the health center. Perhaps we shout encouragement to a camper trying to get to the top of the climbing wall.

When you live in a group, you have to think about others. How will my actions affect someone else? How will it lift the group? It becomes second nature and makes you a better person. It is how we look at our bunk and at the world. It is never all about “me”.

There may not be studies to prove it, but a person who grows up at camp thinking about others is bound to be more outward-thinking and more community-minded than those who don’t.

Campers are considerate, caring and compassionate. It is who we are.

Happy holidays from your Lake Owego family!

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