Top 10 Signs It’s Almost Time for Camp

You know it’s almost time for camp when…
IMG_27001. You begin almost every sentence with, “at camp WE…”

2. You have a pile in your house for “camp stuff.”

3. You’re having dreams about that amazing moment on the first day of camp when get out of the car or the bus and smell the Greeley air for the first time!

4. You are doodling “LOC” on your papers at school.

5. Your chat with your bunkmates every day, trying to guess what cabin you’ll be in.

6. You’ve already made your Visiting Day list in your head

7. You’ve already started planning for Theme Bunk.

8. You know exactly what you want for your first canteen.

9. You check the weather in Greeley daily.

10. You check the camp website every day to see the countdown to camp number get smaller and smaller! (Its 30 days today!!!)

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