Reminders from Camp!

It’s that time of the year! You forget what your living room floor looks like under all of that camp gear, you’re constantly hearing the most up-to-date countdown to camp (15 days!), and you miss them already. Take a deep breath. We are here for you as always! Below are some last minute tips as you make your final preparations for LOC 2017!

What to pack:
Plenty of underwear
A raincoat
A good flashlight
Lots of socks
Bug spray
Stationary and stamps
White shirt or pillowcase to tie-dye
Hopes and dreams

What not to pack:
Electronic devices (Kindle, iPod Touch, screens that play games or shows, cell phones)

Important dates:
Full season: Saturday, June 24-Saturday, August 12
First session: Saturday, June 24-Tuesday, July 18
First extended session: Saturday, June 24-Tuesday, August 1
Second session: Wednesday, July 19-Saturday, August 12
Second extended session: Wednesday, July 5-Saturday, August 12
Visiting Day: Sunday, July 23 @ 11:30AM

Important contact information:
LOC Summer Office: (570) 226-3636
Mountain Baggage: (570) 775-0556
R&B Baggage (for Florida families): (603) 536-2197
PersonalRx: (877) 302-3881

LOC mailing address:
1687 Route 6
Greeley, PA 18425

Policy reminders:
-Phone calls are not necessary, but one can be scheduled before Visiting Day and one after Visiting Day. You can schedule your first call once your camper arrives at camp.
-NO packages, please! If a necessity is inadvertently left behind, please call the camp office for a pre-approval code so that your package will be accepted and delivered to your camper. We do allow birthday packages, so please clearly label these as birthday packages with your child’s birth date. Remember: NO food is allowed!

Photos from the day will be uploaded to CampInTouch almost every night. You can access them using the same login you use to fill out forms.

Expert tip: Mail a letter to your camper a few days before camp starts so that there’s one waiting for him on the first day of camp.

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