The 1st Day of Camp: What to Expect


Finally! Camp is about to begin and we are anxiously awaiting the 1st Day! We work hard all year preparing for this moment and it is truly the best day of the year for a returning Lake Owego Camper. For a New Camper, it may be exciting or scary, or maybe both at the same time. We can assure  you that Lake Owego is one of the safest, most welcoming camps you will find. It only takes one toss of a frisbee, a funny joke, or a deal of a card and a life long friendship begins. But, what happens on the 1st day? 

The Counselors will have been here for a week or two and are eagerly awaiting the campers. Whether you are traveling by car, bus, or plane, we know you are coming and we greet you immediately as you come through the gates, or step off the bus. If you shipped your baggage, it is waiting for you in your cabin. The fun immediately begins with bunk activities and then a PIZZA LUNCH!

Now that everyone has arrived, let the unpacking begin! After everyone is settled in, we head to the pool for a quick health check and a free swim. Shower time and dinner are followed by Senior Choice for 7th-11th graders and fun activities for Juniors, 2nd-6th graders. Our Evening Program is our Staff show and its always crazy and hysterical. By the end of the day, it feels as if we never left and we have known each other forever…

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