The BIG Game

Frontier Week is a time for exhibiting team spirit, competing with friends, demonstrating campcraft skills, and watching your counselors make fools of themselves.

That’s where the Big Game comes in. Tonight’s after-dinner activity gave counselors from each tribe the opportunity to show off their skills to the campers. In true Frontier Week style, the skills on display ranged from athletic to downright gluttonous. Some counselors are really fast, some are really strong, and some are really good spellers. The Big Game gives everyone a moment to shine.

On the upper field, the Fastest Man Sprint pitted counselor against counselor in a race to determine who can cross the finish line first. The mini-rope burn was a scaled-down version of last night’s spectacle, where counselors competed to burn through a rope suspended much closer to the ground. Though the flames were not nearly as grand as last night’s, the counselors gave it everything they had. 

At the stage, Scotty moderated a good old-fashioned Spelling Bee. Counselors took turns standing at the microphone, spelling words that might trip up even the most fastidious speller.

In the picnic grove behind the dining hall, two of the most popular counselor competitions took place before a large audience of enthusiastic campers: the wing-eating challenge and the arm-wrestling contest. Counselors from each of the six tribes sat shoulder-to-shoulder at a picnic table, waiting nervously as Kyle served up the hottest wings he thought they could handle. As the wings were devoured and washed down with milk, campers looked on in amazement and horror.

Just across the grove, the arm-wrestling contest was an impressive showing of strength and determination. The contest was designed as a round-robin, with the final face-off being quite the nail-biter. Campers cheered loudly for their tribe’s representative, shouting words of encouragement as the competitors struggled to out-muscle one another.

Day three of Frontier Week has come to a close, and although it is more than halfway through, the best events are yet to come. Tomorrow brings Owego Raid and campsite meal, while Monday will feature the big finale: song competition and final flame. Until then, the flames of brotherhood continue to burn brightly.

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