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Hello Owego!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me…meeting so many new and old campers along with their families.  I must say I am extremely excited to begin my Owego career…in fact, I am so eager…let’s start camp now!!  If the Maryland Pool Party was any indication…it’s going to be a fantastic summer!!

On a different note, one of the reasons I entered the residential camp profession 16 years ago, giving up being a lawyer in the high profile NCAA enforcement division, was the opportunity to directly impact young people and be a role model for them.  I am always amazed by how we as directors and the staff in general have such an impact on campers’ physical and emotional development.  I always tell the staff that “little eyes” are always watching and to mindful that we are always role models.  The beauty of our jobs is watching boys who begin camp as ‘boys’ and, when they graduate out from Owego, will leave as young men and gentlemen who have matured and developed life skills and character, all while making new friends, lifetime memories and most importantly having FUN!!!  Camp to me is a constant organized recess.  A book that I always read right before camp to remind me why I chose the job of camp director is entitled “The Season of Life”.  It’s a fantastic book that discusses how boys need to be raised to be men in today’s society and I would recommend it.  It’s a quick read with a sports motif. In fact, it was on the NY Times Bestseller list.  Check it out.


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